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President - Randy "R Dub!" Williams
Broadcast veteran R Dub! founded Fusion in 2002 with the goal of producing and delivering to radio the most stellar
on-air product imaginable. His passion for great radio and motivational leadership skills help fuel the Fusion!

Senior Vice President - Ted Chase
Ted graduated from Duke University with a Masters in
Business Management and International Business.
In addition to overseeing Fusion's U.S. and foreign
operations, Ted donates his time to local charities, like
the Boys and Girls club, where he counsels kids.

General Manager - Terrance Manning
A graduate from Brigham Young University, Terrance
plays a vital role in the everyday operation of Fusion.
Overseeing both the West and East offices of the company,

Terrance is a key player in the success of Fusion.

Director of Sales - Richard Webb
Richard is a graduate of the University of Arizona and helped
with the launch of Fusion in 2002. With his savy sales
skills and genuine love for people, Richard and his team helped Fusion pass the ten million dollar mark in 2008.

Affiliate Relations Director - Joyce Altamarano
Joyce holds a masters in marketing from Wake Forest
University and plays a key role at Fusion Radio Networks
as the conduit from our company to the hundreds of radio stations we do business with. Joyce has a passion for
music and also consults our programming department.

Business Manager - Carol Macias
A graduate of Columbia University, Carol has been an
intregal part of the success of Fusion since its inception.
With a Masters in accounting, Carol oversees our
fast-paced business department of twelve.

Director of Engineering - John Decker
A master of his trade, John graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked as
Chief Engineer at Clear Channel Radio before joining the Fusion team in 2002. John is single handedly responsible
for the construction of Fusion's new studios built in 2003.